Friday, September 28, 2007

Optimization Tips to Beginners

The following are the ten simple ways to optimize and increase traffic to your website. The guide is meant for those who intend to or are just starting out in Search Engine Optimization. It shows you all the basic things you need to know and what do to improve your rankings with the search engines and increase traffic to your website. No geek speak. No technical jargons. Just practical, easy to follow tips.

Directory Submission:
Submit your site to online web directories. There are several directories you can list your site with. There are free ones as well as paid services. Directory registration can be a time-consuming elbow grease so the temptation is to go for a paid service whereby you pay a company or any other concern to help submit your site to all relevant directories. However you do not really need to shell out to get listed in the right directories with decent traffic and pagerank.

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SEO Packages said...

search engine bots only sees in your website is 'text' for them to categorize and indexed your website...they dont really care how good your design is, the design is to attract visitors for them to stay...and of course the 'relevancy' of the content. Therefore, put great information in your content for them to hunt you down